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    It was said that “I am an old soul " I always felt a little different growing up, but now I have walked into those shoes with grace and dignity, for I have had a “remembering " of the old ways. I work with the cellular memory in the body to release held energy that causes dis-ease. This allows me to work with the emotions and thought systems that are stagnant or unhealthy as well.

   I received my certification from the Shadyside Hospital School of Integrative Medicine where I began the second part of my healing others and myself journey. The first part was in western medicine where I earned my nursing degree in 1978. After being a geriatric nurse, then teaching for a year, I then settled into cardiac care for many years. At present, I play through the day in my pediatric nursing job. I found out that having fun in your job soothes the soul.

     In between working with challenged children, I find myself delving into the magical world of energy medicine. My shiatsu practice (a clothed, oriental massage that works with the energy in the body, but also addresses muscles, joints and aches) has been very successful with migraines,  stiff muscles, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, negative thought systems, and even past traumas. ( just to name a few).
     Personally, I love animals, walks in the woods, and of course, bubble baths...

   I invite you to take an active part in your own tranformation...