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Nail Services

Organic Regular Polish Manicure

Starting at $35.00


Luxury Organic Pedicure

Starting at $100.00

Meditative Pedicure Experience includes a crystal-filled foot bath, hot stone massage, collagen boosting scrub and mask, hot towel wrap, callous eliminator, and gel polish finish. *Optional Add-on Paraffin Wax Wrap *$10 *If you are missing a toenail and want one sculpted with gel, please ask; there will be an additional cost of $10 *Does not include gel polish removal; it is an additional cost. Book with Gel Polish Removal. *Does not include artwork.


Classic Organic Pedicure


This pedicure service includes a deep soak in our copper basin; filled with crystals, an exfoliating sugar scrub with oil, a relaxing massage, regenerating leg and foot mask with hot towel wrap, and gel polish finish. Great for those who are frequent pedicure clients. * Optional Add on: Paraffin Wax Wrap $10 * Does not include gel polish removal. Must be booked with Polish removal. * Does not include artwork.

Add a paraffin wax treatment to your manicure or pedicure. It softens and helps hydrate your skin.


Gel X Set Nail Extensions

Starting at $80.00

A full coverage tip application that extends the nail with gel. For timing purposes: *Does not include any artwork. Please book nail art with your appointment *Please book Nail Removal if you have a previous set on your nails *Please book Gel Polish Removal if you have previous gel on your nails.


Gel manicure


Simple Gel Polish application and manicure. *Please also schedule artwork if wanted


Gel Manicure with Builder


Gel Fill


Filling the growth of two weeks with gel and a polish change. If you are grown out past two weeks, an additional charge of $10 will be added.


Luxury Gel Manicure


This service includes a collagen-boosting scrub and mask, hot stones, and a gel polish application.


Free Style Gel X Set


Full Set of Gel X Nail Extensions but with a twist! You get a one-of-a-kind set; with custom art selected by

our nail artist.  If you like artistic nails and a gamble, this is for you.


Toes Polish Change


Book for when you need your color freshened up but don't want a whole pedicure.

*If you need a toenail sculpted, there will be an additional cost of $10


Nail Removal


This service is for anyone transitioning from acrylic, soaking off nail extensions, or deciding to get a new set.

*Must be booked with a manicure or another full set of nail extensions.


Nail Fix

Starting at $5.00

This service is for anyone who has broken a nail. It is $5 per nail fixed. Please specify how many are in the note section. If it is within the first five days of receiving the set, it is free of charge. If you come in for a fill and any nails are missing, this will be applied, per how many are broken or off.


Gel Polish Removal



Simple Art Work

Starting at $10.00

This would include 2-5 nails with any glitter, sequins, stickers, or watercolor artwork. Hand-painted designs of any kind will be charged additionally.


Intricate Art Work

Starting at $30.00

Includes up to 10 nails with hand painting, encapsulated designs, and more! *Can be an additional charge if you request all ten nails to be extremely artistic.

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