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Holistic Scalp Treatments

Holistic - the treatment of the whole person.

These Scalp Treatments are designed to be relaxing and invigorating to the senses.

  We use biodynamic herbs to help correct these specific scalp issues.
All of these treatments are combined with aroma therapy, a weighted eye mask, and steam to help you fully immerse yourself into a meditative space. 

Hair Loss 60+                                          Rebalancing 60+


Wet/ Dry Dandruff 60+                        Soothing 60+

Scalp Treatments that balance over active
oil (sebum) glands 

Maintenance every 2 weeks for a total of 6 sessions
Scalp treatment that targets different types of hair loss by stimulating the follicles to support healthy hair growth.
Maintenance every week for 10 weeks
Scalp treatments that targets dry flaky or thicker clumping dandruff by using herbs, clay, and exfoliators to remove unwanted residue.  
Maintenance every week for 8 weeks
Scalp treatments that calm scalp irritations
such as psoriasis, eczema, and itchy red patches.

Maintenance every week for 8 weeks

*All Services are starting at and can increase depending on Designer, product usage, length, or thickness.
* All Treatments must be booked with a haircut or a blowout


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