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Welcome to the experience of RELAX ORGANIC SALON!!!

 Each of you is special and unique, and we look forward to serving you! 



    Roberta has been practicing in the Pittsburgh area for thirty-eight years. She is the owner, master stylist, and artistic director of  Relax Organic Salon. She is a genuinely kind, caring stylist that listens to her guest with her full attention. She takes her time with each guest to do a full consultation before every service to acquire the best result and to educate you on the products and services that are best for you.  


    She has worked in the industry as a hair designer and make-up artist with many top designers and photographers. Her talent ranges from in the salon a designer and artistic director to being an educator for Oway and O&M  hair color for Simply Organic Beauty and a Master Educator for Oway Head Spa Systems. Her certification is in three types of hair extensions. ( Hot Heads, Dream catchers, and Cinderella hair extensions ) 


    During her career, she has been part of creative teams with top salons for numerous fashion shows and events.  Roberta's creative work is in international and local hair magazines. She has also has worked actively behind the scenes for commercials, television, and movies.  She loves every aspect of the beauty industry and enjoys educating her guests and other stylists about what she has learned and can offer.


    Her love for the arts and journey of spiritual and alternative healing has guided her down a unique path. She is combining her passion and love of the arts in the beauty industry with the growing concern for our environment and personal health.  She has a strong desire to educate everyone about health and beauty. She has blended this in a way to achieve beauty and well-being without the exposure to toxic chemicals prevalent in most products today. 


    Relax Organic Salon has been created by her to help individuals find themselves through self-discovery.  Through this journey, they will discover who they are on the inside and can become on the outside. The first part will be in creating the outer beauty through our professional salon services, and the second part will be in helping women regain their inner beauty through self-care and regaining one's self-esteem with our head spa services. Her goal is to help shift the way the beauty industry cares for each individual and raise awareness of self-care and personal beauty in each person that walks through the door!


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Meet Our Artists




    April has been a salon professional for 19 yrs.  Her passion is transforming her guests into their best selves. April's attention to detail and her calming energy creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Growing up in a small midwestern town gave her the space to learn about community and family; everyone is valued, everyone is important. She has brought this teaching into every avenue of her life.    As a young adult, she struggled with her own image and self-love.  Because of that, April makes it her mission to help others feel beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too. 

      April specializes in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, Holistic Color, Specialty Blonding, and Hair Treatments.  She is also Oway and O&M Certified.  She is constantly learning new techniques and services to better satisfy her guests' needs.  When you schedule a visit with April her kind heart, free spirit, and love of her craft will make every appointment an enjoyable one.


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Gina is a talented nail technician, stylist and make-up artist.  We call her our triple threat!  She will amaze you with her down to earth vibe and her incredible attention to detail, in all she creates. She was hand picked by the owner right out of Cosmetology school and  has been a  blessing ever since she walked in the door. Book with her today and she will be sure to please you with her amazing skill and warm kind charm.


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