Meet the Owner 



Welcome to the experience of RELAX ORGANIC SALON!!!

 Each of you is special and unique, and we look forward to serving you! 



    Roberta has been practicing in the Pittsburgh area for thirty-seven years. She is the owner, master stylist, and artistic director of  Relax Organic Salon. She is a genuinely kind, caring stylist that listens to her guest with her full attention. She takes the time to do a full consultation before every service to acquire the best result and educate you on the products and services that are best for you.  


    She has worked in the industry as a hair designer and make-up artist with many top designers and photographers. Her talent ranges from in the salon a designer and artistic director to being an educator for Oway and O&M  hair color for Simply Organic Beauty and a Master Educator for Oway Head Spa Systems. Her certification is in three types of hair extensions. ( Hot Heads, Dream catchers, and Cinderella hair extensions ) 


    During her career, she has been part of creative teams with top salons for numerous fashion shows and events.  Roberta's creative work is in international and local hair magazines. She has also has worked actively behind the scenes for commercials, television, and movies.  She loves every aspect of the beauty industry and enjoys educating her guests and other stylists about what she has learned and can offer.


    Her love for the arts and journey of spiritual and alternative healing has guided her down a unique path. She is combining her passion and love of the arts in the beauty industry with the growing concern for our environment and personal health.  She has a strong desire to educate everyone about health and beauty. She has blended this in a way to achieve beauty and well-being without the exposure to toxic chemicals prevalent in most products today. 


    Relax Organic Salon has been created by her to help individuals find themselves through self-discovery.  Through this journey, they will discover who they are on the inside and can become on the outside. The first part will be in creating the outer beauty through our professional salon services, and the second part will be in helping women regain their inner beauty through self-care and regaining one's self-esteem with our head spa services. Her goal is to help shift the way the beauty industry cares for each individual and raise awareness of self-care and personal beauty in each person that walks through the door!


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Meet Our Artists



    Alyssa is currently Relax Organic Salon's Manager. She is a very bubbly and welcoming stylist that is sure to please. With her magical coloring talent and her attention to detail, she is guaranteed to make you happy. She is certified in Hot Heads and Aqua extensions and Oway and O&M professional color lines. She is so multi-talented and offers esthetic services. She can help to make your skin glow with all our amazing organic products. Alyssa enjoys staying up to date with all the current styles and trends to keep all her guests looking fresh and fashionable!! Come enjoy your relaxing experience and book with her today!




    April has been a salon professional for 15 years.  Her passion is transforming her guests into their best selves. April's attention to detail and her calming energy creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Growing up in a small midwestern town gave her the space to learn about community and family; everyone is valued, everyone is important. She has brought this teaching into every avenue of her life.    As a young adult, she struggled with her own image and self-love.  Because of that, April makes it her mission to help others feel beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too. 

      April specializes in color and custom HSM hair cutting and is certified in Aqua hand-tied weft, and tape-in extensions, and Oway and O&M She is constantly learning new techniques and services to better satisfy her guests' needs.  When you schedule a visit with April her kind heart, free spirit, and love of her craft will make every appointment an enjoyable one.


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    Mathu's experience is 18+ years in the industry. His warm charm and creative talent will be sure to please.  He is a former business owner that has decided to explore different realms of creative expression like amazing carpentry work along with the salon industry. Book your appointment today.


Welcome to Relax Organic Salon!

We are so excited to have you here with us! Before you book your appointment today, please review our salon policies and expectations. 


   We want to be transparent with our policies to ensure that you, the guest, have a luxurious and relaxing salon experience. 




  We respectfully request all guests arrive fifteenth minutes prior to their appointment time. This ensures we are gathering proper information and that you, the guest, are relaxed and ready to start your appointment on time. 





  We require twenty-four hours notice for rescheduling any appointment. We understand that life happens and will do our best to work with you in emergency situations. When a guest forgets to cancel or reschedule their appointment we miss the opportunity to service other guests.

 Because of that, we require to have a credit card on file.

Fifty percent of the service cost will be applied for not showing/forgetting and rescheduling appointments under twenty- four hours. This also applies to switching services last minute (Example: a color appointment to just a cut). If you need to change the type of service please do so twenty-four-hour ahead of the scheduled appointment time. 

   If you, the guest,  don’t call/don’t show for three appointments within a rolling six month period, you will be required to be a call-in appointment only. We will no longer hold appointments for you, we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. 





A $25 late fee will be applied for all late guests. If you, the guest,  are more than fifteen minutes late you will be asked to reschedule and fifty percent of the service cost will then be applied to your account. This ensures adequate service timing for you and the other guests booked after you. We want to create a relaxing salon experience for all of our guests and our stylists.

 In order for us to meet and exceed guests' expectations, we require adequate service timing to ensure we are gathering the proper information and overall satisfaction of all guests that are having a service. 


*Before we can book your next service the late fee/cancellation fee must be paid in full.  




Relax Organic offers online booking on our website, Facebook, and through the Vagaro application which can be installed on any cellular device. It is quick, easy, and can be done when it is most convenient for you.  Appointments can be booked/rescheduled 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are unsure about the timing or the type of service you will be receiving or need assistance in understanding how to book online or through the application please discuss this with your stylist. They will be more than happy to walk you through the process. 





   We at Relax Organic Salon deeply value you and your family.  


   We respectfully ask that there are no children are in the salon unless they are receiving a service or have an adult eighteen or older to take care of their needs   We consider anyone at the age of 10 years and younger a child. 


Children that are in the salon with an accompanying adult need to be kept quietly entertained while their parent receives a service 


We understand that there may be scheduling challenges and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. 


 We at Relax Organic Salon deeply care for the safety of your children and maintaining high customer service standards for all who enter our salon. We thank you for your patience and continued patronage. 




 We at Relax Organic Salon understand that it is a digital age and therefore the need to be connected. We consider the salon a safe haven, a place where people go to disconnect and relax.  To ensure the top experience for you and for other guests, we ask you to please be courteous and respectful of others when taking calls. It could potentially disrupt another's time as well as your own.  We ask that you put your phone on low, vibrate, or silent when entering the salon and hold off doing business so you can enjoy your visit and be present with your experience. Emergencies happen and we want you to be able to have access to the ones you love at all times. If there is a situation needing to talk for a period of time please let your stylist know so we can make the correct accommodations. 





We want you to be happy with your product purchase. We have a two-week return policy with a receipt.  Since we are a green salon, please make sure your email is in our system and you have received a digital receipt of payment. 



You have one week to make any adjustments or corrections to your look. If you are unsatisfied with your service please call within that time and we will be happy to discuss any issues you may have and make the necessary adjustments. 


Our job is to make sure you are happy and feel amazing when you leave the salon. 

If you are not fully satisfied we will do our best to make it to your one hundred percent satisfaction.