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Skin Care

Each facial we offer is carefully curated to your skincare needs. 

Take a look at the facials listed below as well as the add on suggestions. 

If you are unsure of what to book, your Skin Care Specialist will offer suggestions based on your skin care goals. 


Classic Relax Facial  $95

60 min facial built just for you
Perfect for men, women, and teens.

This facial can be a double or single cleanse, manual exfoliation, face massage, customizable mask options, toner, and completed with a moisturizer and skin protection. 

Anti-Aging Facial $165

90 minute facial to bring a youthful glow back to your skin

The anti-aging products used target fine lines and wrinkles   boost, tighten, and hydrate the skin.
This includes a double cleanse, manual exfoliation, followed by a tightening mask. and a hand and an arm massage.

High frequency in used to increase collagen production, micro circulation and to strengthen elastin fibers in the face, neck, and scalp.  This treatment is followed by boosters and serums to plump the skin, and finished with forehead to chest moisturization and protection.

Luxury Relax Facial $150

90 minute facial complete care for deep relaxation.

The customizable facial includes a warm double cleanse, soothing exfoliation, arm & hand massage with a paraffin wax soak, a customizable mask option to your preference, followed by boosters & serums to soak and rejuvenate the skin. Finished with a deep penetrating moisturizer and skin protection. 

Back Facial $90

60 minute stress and relaxation treatment for the back.

This treatment is a relaxing facial for your back and neck. 
It includes a double cleanse & full coverage exfoliation. The hot stones are then applied to aid in deep muscle tension relief, followed by a deep moisturizer.

This treatment is pared perfectly with a custom facial for a full body relaxation experience. 


Facial Add-ons

Chemical or Acid Exfoliation $30

a mix of AHA&BHA masks and peels available.

High Frequency $15

High frequency oxygenates the skin, kills surface and acne bacteria. Stimulates circulation and aids in minimizing redness to the skin. 

Lip Treatment $10

A gentle exfoliation of the lips followed by a hydrating mask and lip cream or oil.

EcoFin Treatment $30

EcoFin is a paraffin wax alternative that softens and moisturizes tired dry skin. This treatment includes a restorative hand massage followed by warm mittens for your hands to rest in.  

Jelly Mask $15

Used as a double mask during a treatment or a finishing step.  It helps with product penetration and hydration. It can be used on hands, lips, and face.  

Microdermabrasion $30

A deeper mechanical exfoliation to remove dead epidermal skin cells. 

Beard Treatment $15

A treatment to refresh and rejuvenate the beard. A deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed with a hair growth treatment using high frequency. Then completed with a face massage and beard oil.

Extractions $15

The skin is softened with steam. The clogged pores containing blackheads and or whiteheads are worked on to remove them from the skin. The skin is then disinfected with high frequency to prevent further breakouts.

Hand Mask $15

A mask treatment used on your hands that helps alleviate sun damage and soften hands.

Cold Globes $8

A beneficial step to enhance product absorption.  The coolness from the globes helps reduce inflammation and decreases redness in the skin.


Brow Shaping $20
Lip Waxing - $12
Sides of Face -$15
Chin $15
Henna Brow $60

Combination of brow shaping and natural Henna tint to deepen color of the brows for up to 7 weeks.  

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